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If you have any questions, comments, or would like to arrange for a speaking engagement, please contact Amy through Inspirations Unlimited. Amy gives wonderful presentations about several topics.  She can tailor her presentation to best fit your needs. Some topics she has presented on previously are:

*The Book–the process and bittersweet journey it was to write.

*Connor’s Story–How she made a triumph from a tragedy

*Child Loss–Her story and others, and how someone who has experienced child loss can learn to make a beautiful and inspired life in memory of our beloved children.

*Child Loss Awareness–What others can do to assist those around them that have experienced the loss of a child.  How to help, not hinder, their journey into a new existence without their precious child.

*Youth Group Writers–As a middle school language arts teacher, Amy does workshops for the youth on how they can start their own writing career and improve their writing, how writing can be an immense tool of healing and escape, and what publishers may look for.  The younger you start writing, the better your writing becomes!  Amy began writing with a purpose when she was six years old.

*Any group of any size is welcome to inquire as to other presentations the author can help them with.

(Amy is temporarily suspending her presentations while she is living in Okinawa, Japan.  You are still welcome to contact us regarding a speaking arrangement, but she won’t be available until 2016–unless your organization is in Japan!  However, she will be visiting the states during the month of December and in the summer.  If you would like to arrange for her to speak at your event during those times, please contact us).

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