Author Bio

Amy currently lives in Okinawa, Japan, teaching school to military children.  She graduated from Utah State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Education, and is currently progressing toward her Masters in Learning and Technology.  She is a free-lance writer for CNN Travel, Okinawa Hai Magazine, the Open to Hope Foundation, and Venture Magazine.  Amy is a volunteer with many organizations, both on-line and in her local community.

When she isn’t teaching or writing, Amy enjoys outdoor activities such as geocaching, camping, four-wheeling, rafting, and pretty much anything to do with the outdoor world.  She also enjoys digital scrap booking and helping others.

1st Pic = Having fun in the Millville Mountains!  2nd & 3rd Pic = March of Dimes




Keep updated on her adventures by following her blog, Maddocks’ Merriment & Mayhem.

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